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turning – milling drilling- boring all in one

Welcome to Tritech Precision!

Tritech precision ltd was founded in 1997, and is an Irish based company engaged in the manufacture of precision engineered products.

We also provide parts and services mainly to the Bottling , oil & gas, phamacetical,and medical device industries

Tritech has a close relationship with Pressco Ltd, a leader in the field, and we supply many machined components to them.

We also have developed our own range of products for the professional audio industry exported worldwide...

What We Do

oil & gas

we manufacture many complex long tube components to high spec. report for all dimensions


we offer a local manufacturing and repair service including reverse engineering and design solutions.

Precision machining

we manufacture medical device, pharmaceutical components and assemblies for locomotive traction motors

Enhanced Audio

we have developed a range of professional audio equipment which are exported worldwide.


Naas Road Business Park, Naas Rd, Dublin 12